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Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

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Low back pain is a fact of life for many Americans today. It can easily reduce your ability to perform many functions and will often limit your quality of life. Instead of merely resigning to a life of pain and low levels of activity, there are several ways it can be treated – enabling you to enjoy life again.

Trigger Point Injection (Intramuscular). Muscles in the back can tense up and form knots. While these will usually ease up after a while, sometimes they do not go away. This constant tension can cause pain in other parts of the body, too.

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Company NameLower Back Pain
Operating since2008
Registered inUSA
No. of Employees> 1000
Scale of OperationTiny       - Tiny/ Cottage/ Home based business
Products/ ServicesPain Management Physician, Pain Control Clinic, Chiropractor, Doctor
Contact PersonMr Lower clinic, 856
Address856 Dekalb Avenue
StateNew York
Telephone1 682 3368
Alternate Phone

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