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Rainbow Sandstone Tumbled Pebbles

Pebbles and Cobbles


Natural Stones

Supplier Company

Royal Indian Stones, Rajasthan, India

Minm. Order Qty

5 ton

Capacity to Deliver

100 ton

Standard Price

10 doller

Average Review

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Pebbles are small roundish stones which could be either machine tumbled or natural. Royal Indian Stones is exporter, manufacturer and natural stone supplier of pebbles and chips. Pebbles and chips are used as decorative stones and come in various colors and sizes. Pathways, ponds, fountains, aquarium and natural ornamental jewellery are the most commonly found areas where these natural stones are used. These stones boost the beauty of the homes, offices, clubs, hotels and lawns.

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Freight Terms

On demand


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Posted on: 26-09-2017, Last updated on: 30-09-2017