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Egg tray Machine ZJ6000-12m5

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Hebei Bross Machine Co.,Ltd, Hebei, China (Mainland)

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The advantages of model ZJ6000-12M5
ZJ5000-8 egg tray machine has fully open to our domestic and foreign markets in 2015. The performance of this egg tray machine is highly recognized by customers at home and abroad. ZJ6000-12M5 is the main egg tray machine we recommend in 2016. As a professional egg tray machine manufacturer, the advantages of ZJ6000-12M5 we produce has are as follows:
1: upgrade of production, which can reached 6500-7000 pieces/hours
2: on the basis of ZJ5000-8,the quality and workmanship of egg tray machines are more careful and stable.
3: save energy, the total ...

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Posted on: 06-11-2017, Last updated on: 13-11-2017